Oxylent–for life’s adventures!

Great taste
Delicious sparkling berry flavor. Fun to drink.

Small convenient, pre-measured packets for home, travel,
and the active lifestyle.

Highly Bioavailable
Superior quality ingredients easily absorbed and assimilated.

Effervescent technology allows for quick distribution and delivery of nutrients to all vital organs.

Naturally Energizing
Boosting your immune system and energy levels—naturally.

Cellular Vitality
Providing optimal cellular nutrition for optimal health.

Eco Friendly
Great nutrition without the waste. Powder form supplements require less processing and packaging, resulting in fewer carbon foot-prints on the planet.



Oxylent incorporates the latest nutritional science to deliver the next generation of nutrition to people of all ages–in one small convenient package.

Oxylent was developed to oxygenate, hydrate, circulate, and rejuvenate our bodies to support optimal health. Oxylent is made from the highest quality ingredients, delivering a healthy level of key vitamins and antioxidants in their most bioavailable form. Oxylent also contains important minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.

Oxylent is a unique blend of essential nutrients that create a synergistic environment, enabling the body to function at peak levels.*

Oxylent also includes L-arginine and catalase. L-arginine is widely recognized for aiding circulation3. Catalase promotes the conversion of millions of free radicals into life sustaining oxygen and water1.*

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